Juliana Cafik

Identity Standards Architect, Microsoft

As an Identity Standards Architect at Microsoft, Juliana collaborates within the industry to author, and drive the adoption of identity standards. Her specific focus is on the complex world of policy, governance, trust frameworks, and interoperability, all while ensuring strong security and compliance with regulations to facilitate industry adoption and risk mitigation. Her role involves a deep commitment to Frameworks that enhance trust, privacy, security, adoption, and the interoperability of digital identities and transactions. Juliana is passionate about creating a digital environment where secure and private interactions mitigate risk, foster trust and facilitate innovation.

With over 27 years of experience, Juliana has established a history in architecting and implementing solutions for the financial services sector, focusing on security and identity, and significantly contributing to non-repudiation and compliance across various technologies. At Microsoft, she focuses on policy and governance for global standards, establishing cross-standard taxonomy, in-flight attestations of compliance, conformance, and assurance levels to support interoperability, mitigate risk and enable adoption for all stakeholders. She is also involved in identity-based standards development, exploring the role of digital wallets in interoperability and trust, and navigating standards and regulatory requirements for verifiable claims adoption and risk mitigation.

Beyond her responsibilities at Microsoft, Juliana has served as the Co-Chair of the DIACC Trust Framework Expert Committee and represent Microsoft in the Open Wallet Foundation (OWF) and Open Identity Exchange (OIX). Juliana’s contributions to the industry have earned her widespread recognition, making me a sought-after speaker at various industry events.

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